Util-Assist is excited to be working with the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) on its Tools Replacement Project after winning an RFP for procurement and consulting services earlier this year. 

“Util-Assist is proud of its procurement process and the fact that it is being implemented with a client like the FRCC,” said Michael Strano, Util-Assist’s Vice President of Operations, who worked to assess the FRCC’s initial technical requirements and determine the best way to proceed with the project. “Our process and resources are highly adaptable and it’s always our goal to offer simple and effective solutions to clients, whether they’re municipalities and utilities or reliability organizations like the FRCC.”

While Util-Assist’s procurement process has most often been applied with utility clients aiming to procure advanced metering infrastructure and related utility systems, Util-Assist’s consultants have worked to refine the process for more than a decade, and the results have proven ideal for many types of hardware and software procurement projects, whether at the utility level, or with organizations at the regulatory and reliability level.

The FRCC’s Tools Replacement Project will update the organization’s primary online communications tools with a new system that will also manage bulk outage coordination, operator logging and planning, and serve as the messaging platform for the FRCC as well as other user entities in the FRCC region.  Util-Assist created and released the RFP for the project and will continue to work with the FRCC during the evaluation of vendor proposals and to facilitate vendor demonstrations as the RFP process progresses.

About the FRCC: The FRCC is a not-for-profit company incorporated in the State of Florida. The FRCC’s mission is to assure the effective and efficient reduction of risks to the reliability and security of the peninsular Florida bulk power system.  More information about the FRCC can be found on the FRCC website: www.frcc.com