Building on almost two decades of experience solving utilities’ most pressing issues, Util-Assist’s professional services division has formed four practice areas, each with deep, specialized knowledge.

  • Procurement: The Procurement practice area helps utilities procure best-of-breed technology solutions, from AMI to ADMS. Util-Assist supports every phase of the procurement cycle, from feasibility studies through contract negotiations. We are presently supporting several large utilities that are transitioning from first-generation AMI systems to AMI 2.0, as well as utilities that are deploying smart meters for the first time. Service offerings include business case development, RFP development, RFP evaluation and management, vendor negotiations support, and vendor contracting.
  • AMI Consulting: At the forefront of AMI since 2005, Util-Assist continues to help deploy and integrate AMI solutions, including the “next generation” of AMI. This vertical is responsible for supporting utilities through the implementation and initial operation of their AMI systems. A significant aspect of this practice is “AMI program management” which adds a layer of strategic oversight and advice. Service offerings in the AMI Consulting practice area include strategic planning, architectural design, AMI deployment, business process engineering, change management, and systems integration (HES, MDM, CIS, and more).
  • Analytics: Util-Assist guides utilities through the entire analytics maturity journey from building a strong foundation in data governance to creating and implementing enterprise-wide analytics that support data-driven decisions with measurable business case benefits. This team supports utilities through the flood of information delivered by AMI to deliver new types of value to the business. Our expert resources in analytics, data modelling, integration, and visualization have a thorough understanding of utility data to extract maximum value from utility data assets. Analytics service offerings include business case development, governance modelling, use case development and change management.
  • Meter Data Exception Management and Testing: Util-Assist analysts monitor utility data flows, resolve exceptions, and recommend system optimizations, ensuring optimal AMI network health and synchronization across all systems. Util-Assist also maintains a centre of excellence devoted to utility testing: a dedicated team of highly trained testers with years of experience designing and executing test plans for utility systems, providing confidence that upgrades and new releases are seamless transitions.