Util-Assist is thrilled to reopen our Newmarket office this summer in operation with a new hybrid/remote-friendly work model.

We have taken numerous precautions to ensure that our physical office reopens safely and responsibly. In tandem, we have also taken away lessons learned from our organizational transformation to fully remote operations over the past two years. We have learned that we can be more effective in engaging and supporting our staff by offering a diverse range of employment options, whether in office, on a hybrid schedule, or fully remote.

For staff able to rejoin us in office, we are very happy to say welcome back!

For others working on a hybrid or remote schedule, whether currently available, in a call, or set as “be right back”, we know they are only a mouse click away.

Our Hybrid/Remote-Friendly Work Model

Util-Assist’s entire physical operations successfully transitioned to a remote work model at the start of the pandemic, and the tools and technologies we implemented continue to help us serve our clients remotely. Our new work model supports Util-Assist’s part-time and full-time staff whether they are in the office, on a hybrid schedule, or remote by adding our office facilities as an additional work location. Through this model, staff are encouraged to work in the location where they can best serve our customers productively and efficiently while still receiving the support they need to be most effective within their role. 

Through our balanced work model, remote employees have more flexibility to get work done while maintaining a positive work-life balance. Our hybrid/remote-friendly work model allows us to grow without being limited by the size of our physical facilities, expands our access to talent across a broadened geographic reach, provides more individual and team flexibility, and offers an attractive lifestyle option for prospective employees.

This model has enabled Util-Assist to focus on performance and thrive during a time of exceptional challenges, and we have successfully welcomed top talent located across North America to our remote team over the past few months.

Our Office Environment

Staff returning to the Util-Assist office on a part-time, full-time, or hybrid basis will benefit from the many ways we retrofitted our building with sensors and safety standards to keep everyone safe and healthy. Enhancements to our office include:

  • Facility upgrades: We installed hands-free operating mechanisms on all doors and sinks and also upgraded the ventilation system
  • Physical distancing: We are limiting the number of staff on each floor and in meeting rooms, kitchens, and washrooms. Employees are encouraged to continue holding meetings via videoconferencing software. Posters and signage throughout the building direct employees to one-way stairwells and hallways.
  • Masking and sanitizing: Employees wear masks when away from their desks. Everyone is encouraged to sanitize their hands regularly, and sanitizer stations have been set up throughout the building.
  • Regular deep cleaning: Meeting rooms are cleaned between uses, and high-traffic areas are cleaned throughout the day. The entire office is deep-cleaned several times each week.

Staying Safe

Throughout COVID-19, Util-Assist has taken a prudent, measured, and cautious approach to our work environment. For our returning staff (full-time, part-time or hybrid), the following safety protocols will remain in place:

  • Adhering to capacity limits in public gathering areas of our buildings, such as elevators, lunchrooms, washrooms, and meeting rooms.
  • Completing a daily health screening prior to physical attendance via our HR health platform.
  • Complying to Util-Assist’s vaccine policy and processes for all employees and visitors.
  • Wearing masks when moving around indoors and wearing mask outdoors where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Visiting Util-Assist

We would love to see you in our office again! However, to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy, please reach out to your Util-Assist contact prior to visiting our facilities so you know what to expect when you visit. Keeping employees and visitors safe and healthy is our highest priority, and we want to ensure all proper precautions are in place.

See You Soon

Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to safely seeing all of our staff, clients, and partners together again soon. We encourage our clients and partners to contact us with any questions or concerns they may have. The health and well-being of our employees and the community around us is a top priority for our company both now and as we continue to grow.