Util-Assist and SEW announced today that the companies have signed an agreement for Util-Assist to deliver system integration services to clients implementing SEW’s Digital Customer Experience (CX) Platform – Smart Customer Mobile® (SCM®), Digital Workforce Experience (WX) Platform-Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®), and Smart AI/ML Analytics Platform – Smart-iQ (SiQ).

By combining Util-Assist’s years of experience in utility system integration and meter-to-cash automation with SEW’s expertise providing industry-leading digital customer and workforce experience platforms, the partnership offers utilities a reliable pathway to transform customer and workforce relationships.

Customer experience is a growing focus for utilities, and in today’s digital era, customers increasingly expect a timely, personalized, and seamless experience from their service providers. Powered by AI/ML/IoT, innovative platforms like SCM, SMW, and SiQ are revolutionizing how utilities engage and interact with customers and the workforce.

The core principle behind this collaboration is to advance the digital future for utilities with a focus on customer-centricity, field service excellence, and driving sustainability. By harnessing digital technology, SEW and Util-Assist are helping utilities adopt innovative strategies to build meaningful customer relationships through personalized experiences, superior self-service, improved operational efficiency, and intelligent workforce management.

Util-Assist has been working at the forefront of digital innovation since 2005, helping utilities procure, deploy, and integrate advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions while placing the customer at the core of each business decision. Unlike the big consulting firms, Util-Assist’s system integration practice is focused exclusively on the utility sector. Having completed more AMI projects in North America than any other firm, Util-Assist’s breadth and depth are key to the success of utility system integration projects. Util-Assist has developed strategic solutions for utilities across North America to integrate AMI with customer information systems (CIS), meter data management (MDM) systems, advanced distribution management systems (ADMS), and more.

SEW, with its deep domain expertise, has developed the industry’s leading digital customer experience (CX), digital workforce experience (WX), and smart AI/ML analytics (intelligent experience – IX) platforms that address key business challenges for the energy and utility sector. Each SEW platform is a category leader with a robust technological foundation, delivering tangible and intangible benefits for utility clients. Smart Customer Mobile is the #1 digital CX platform for electric, water, and gas utilities worldwide that harnesses the power of digital to better address customer needs and build future-ready businesses. The digital CX platform enables digital self-service via a single integrated platform, accessible through an online portal and native mobile app; facilitates 24×7 digital connectivity for personalized and proactive communication across web, SMS text, automated voice calls, chat bots, and social media channels; offers 360-degree visibility of customer interactions to utilities; and provides powerful customer insights with predictive analytics to build an intelligent, future-ready utility ecosystem.

SEW’s digital workforce experience platform, SMW, helps utilities intelligently manage field operations while making service experiences effortless for the end customers. From automation of the inbound work order process to AI/ML-based auto-scheduling, SMW delivers real-time visibility into the workforce with simple, intuitive platform experiences, enhancing the rate of work order closures and superior service delivery. Added to the product suite is SiQ which empowers energy and water utilities to deliver intelligent experiences and discover customer and workforce insights across multiple data streams. Leading utilities worldwide are collaborating to shape the product roadmap to continuously add more features and capabilities to the platform.

“The team at Util-Assist is excited to embark on this partnership with SEW,” said Mark Henderson, president of Util-Assist. “SCM is a transformative product for the utility customer experience, and we look forward to helping our clients take full advantage of its capabilities.”

“We at SEW are excited to collaborate with Util-Assist and look forward to a strong partnership. Together with Util-Assist’s system integration services, our products will transform the way utilities approach digital customer and workforce (CX & WX) experience. Driven by industry expertise and leadership, the partnership will accelerate digital transformation for utilities and drive tangible outcomes,” explained Deepak Garg, CEO and founder, SEW.

About SEW

SEW with its innovative and industry-leading cloud platforms, delivers the best Digital Customer Experiences (CX) and Workforce Experiences (WX), powered by AI, ML, and IoT analytics, to global energy, water, and gas providers. At SEW, the vision is to Engage, Empower, and Educate billions of people to save energy and water, partnering with businesses to deliver platforms that are easy-to-use, integrate seamlessly, and help build a strong technology foundation that allows them to become future-ready.

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About Util-Assist

Util-Assist is a recognized innovator in technology and data-driven solutions for utilities. Util-Assist’s solutions merge technology with strategy to streamline processes, boost productivity, enable data-driven business decisions, and deliver enhanced customer experiences, transforming how utilities operate and deliver value to their customers. With professional services and managed services for electric water, and gas, utilities rely on us to help them drive digital innovation that shapes the utility of the future. Util-Assist is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alectra Energy Services Inc., a branch of the Alectra Inc. family of companies.

For more details, visit www.util-assist.com