Util-Assist recently completed an enterprise systems review for Brantford Power Inc. (BPI) with the goal of developing a strategic plan for integration. Util-Assist was the winner of BPI’s RFP for a consulting partner to help the utility achieve the first step in its objective to “leverage technology and capital to gain productivity improvements.”

The use of many disparate systems across utilities today has created an environment with opportunities to achieve more efficient ways of completing a utility’s core functions.  With the processing of increased volumes of data, there is an elevated focus and need for utilities to review their business processes to ensure valuable information is being used effectively.

Util-Assist’s final report to BPI provides a clear roadmap for the implementation of a series of projects over the next five years. These projects range from the development of efficient business processes to the procurement of innovative technology.  The BPI Executive Team was suitably impressed with Util-Assist’s recommendations; according to Brian D’Amboise, BPI’s Chief Financial Officer, “Util-Assist’s report was comprehensive and thorough.  Clearly, they were the right firm to do this.”   The results of the Systems Integration Study pave the way for BPI to continue evolving their technology plans for many years to come.