New services, new customers and loyalty from our existing customers have fueled remarkable growth at Util-Assist.  Since moving to our current office space in late 2012, Util-Assist has seen the number of employees double to nearly 60.   To accommodate this expansion, Util-Assist is moving to a new 20,200 square foot office building effective August 2015.  Still, under construction, the three-story building in Newmarket, Ontario will provide spacious workspace, abundant meeting rooms and ample parking. The floor plan encourages collaboration, with spaces for both planned and spontaneous meetings. Next door to the building is our new 2,200 square foot warehouse, which will allow Util-Assist to continue providing excellence in supply chain management. Our outage management call centre services (PowerAssist) will be fully supported with a backup generator.

Paralleling Util-Assist’s conservation initiatives with utilities, the office will be a model of conservation and energy efficiency.  In addition to a high-efficiency HVAC system, the new building features energy-efficient LED lighting with motion sensors that only turn lights on in office spaces that are occupied.  With floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides, the new office reduces the need to rely on artificial light. To control our footprint through 24 x 7 operations, Util-Assist’s growth plan includes the introduction of “hoteling” concepts whereby staff on different shifts share workspaces.

The move is just the first step of many others in the continued advancement of our business, and we are excited to serve our clients even better in the new office space.