Util-Assist continues its expansion into the United States with another American utility selecting Util-Assist for smart grid consulting services.  Util-Assist was the winner of the Eugene Water & Electric Board’s (EWEB) MDM/AMI Integration Implementation Services RFP. EWEB is Oregon’s largest public utility and provides electricity and water to customers in the city of Eugene.

Embarking on a smart grid project, EWEB requires consulting services to assist with integrating the recently-procured Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Meter Data Management (MDM) systems.  The project will consist of three phases over a one to three year period: Integration Design, Development, and Post-Implementation Support.

Util-Assist, along with subcontractor QLogitek, will deliver project management and technical services over the duration of the three phases to integrate the AMI and MDM using an Enterprise Services Bus (ESB).  With an understanding of utility business and technologies, Util-Assist’s role is to oversee and provide technical expertise on the integration components of the project.  Util-Assist is responsible for developing the business and integration requirements, ensuring that the integrations are built on the current and future needs of EWEB.  QLogitek will be responsible for the technical specifications followed by design and development.

“Moving to smart grid will enable EWEB to transform its business, giving customers the ability to make smart conservation decisions,” said James Douglas, President of Util-Assist.  “We are excited to have been chosen as an integral partner with EWEB on this strategic initiative.”

Util-Assist helps utilities integrate new solutions to complement existing business processes and integrate seamlessly with utility systems to function as a coordinated whole. Through sound methodologies and best practices, Util-Assist has successfully managed the implementation and integration of key utility systems: AMI, MDM, WFM (Work Force Management), GIS (Geographical Information System), OMS (Outage Management System), and CIS (Customer Information System). In-depth knowledge and a vast network of industry relationships have enabled Util-Assist to become the consultant of choice for more than 50 utilities in North America.


About the Eugene Water and Electric Board


The Eugene Water & Electric Board, founded in 1911, is Oregon’s largest customer-owned utility and provides electricity and water to more than 86,000 homes, business, schools and other customers in Eugene, Oregon. As a public utility, EWEB does not operate to earn a profit or to serve the investment needs of stockholders. Instead, EWEB is chartered by the city of Eugene to serve the interests of its citizens. The citizens of Eugene, therefore, are owners of the utility.  For more information, visit www.eweb.org.


About QLogitek


QLogitek is an award-winning, full-service, end-to-end service delivery organization specializing in hosted, on-premise and cloud enterprise deployments of Microsoft BizTalk Server. QLogitek is pioneer and innovator in providing BizTalk solutions to the Canadian marketplace, and was the very first recipient of the Bill Gates’ sponsored .NET Award in 2001 for its Hosted BizTalk ESB service. For more information, visit www.qlogitek.com.