Unlocking the Potential of Smart Grid Investments

Real Solutions Implemented by Util-Assist


Business Challenge

Despite the many advantages of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a common roadblock to investing in the technology is a lack of confidence in recovering costs.  Not only is it challenging to quantify current costs in the affected functional areas, but AMI benefits are often difficult to project.


Real Solutions

Early adopters that have invested in up-front planning to take full advantage of AMI solutions are now on the road to smart grid success, demonstrating a clear return on investment. Util-Assist helps utilities unlock the full potential of AMI, starting with developing a compelling business case that justifies the benefits of concrete solutions and quantifies the value proposition. We provide guidance with every step of the journey, with services ranging from strategic planning through to project management and systems implementation.

Real solutions implemented by Util-Assist to realize the full benefits of AMI include:


Solutions to Reap Financial Benefits:

Implementation of transformer monitoring which improves asset management by locating potential transformer failures, both overloaded and underloaded, and identifies theft and losses


Solutions to Gain Operational Benefits:

Integration to an Outage Management System (OMS), leading to reduced outage durations and frequency, accurate outage statistics, and cost savings from efficiencies and lower overtime costs

  • Development of “OMS Lite:” a low-cost solution that employs systems already in place to streamline restoration processes


Solutions to Maximize Efficiencies:

Meter-to-cash evaluations to support the impact of smart metering, optimize processes and systems, and identify new capabilities, resulting in a modernized infrastructure with standardized processes that drive efficiency and improve key performance metrics

  • Benchmark evaluations against organizations of similar size
  • Daily procedures audits to ensure staff understand and maximize the value of all data
  • Business process re-engineering to tune and update processes, staying one step ahead of changes
  • Implementation of workflow automation to execute business rules to manage large volumes of data and automate manual and repetitive processes


Strategies to Benefit from the Explosion of Data Available from Smart Meters:

Data analysis for rate design

  • Operational analytics studies, including load trends and forecasts, asset health, operational effectiveness, etc.
  • Customer analytics studies of consumption patterns, demand profiles, and demand response behavior
  • Network analytics studies to monitor systems, applications, and devices


Solutions to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Enhance the Utility Brand:

Implementation of self-serve web clients to help reduce call centre traffic and activities

  • Web presentment solutions for customer consumption data, empowering customers to manage their own energy usage
  • Deployment of Home Area Network (HAN) tools to augment conservation efforts


Util-Assist’s proven best practices and in-depth industry knowledge enable us to develop simple solutions to transform efficiency, placing utilities firmly on the path of smart grid success.