Util-Assist is gaining a foothold in provinces and states throughout Canada and the United States.  Founded to help utilities in  Ontario procure and deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, Util-Assist’s expertise is now in demand throughout North America.

By continually monitoring the evolving industry and keeping pace with technological advances, Util-Assist has been able to develop new products and services that allow us to consistently stay one step ahead of utilities’ emerging needs. PowerAssist, our 24×7 outage management call center service, is designed to scale for peak call volumes and widespread outages. CustomerAssist, our managed services solution, is built for back-end billing, hosting, call center, and data analysis services.  Finally, Community  Conservation Program (CCP) is an enhanced customer engagement portal that empowers consumers to make near real-time decisions on how to save energy with social benchmarking and creative incentives to deliver further motivation.