Util-Assist is working with utilities in Canada and the U.S. to harness the power of emerging technologies by developing strategies for state-of-the-art next generation meters, smart streetlighting, third-party sensor integration and systems integration. Our efforts are ensuring that the next generation of AMI networking is engineered to support the wide array of use cases that smart cities enable.

Smart cities leverage technologies and networks to collect, share, and analyze data to optimize operations and deliver services more efficiently. As utilities deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), they are able both to deploy smart grid applications themselves, and to support other smart city projects that can leverage the networks built to support AMI.

Advanced utilities around the world today are envisioning a smarter energy grid that connects to streetlights, rooftop solar, and electric vehicles. Utilities that deploy AMI are taking advantage of smart city technologies to drive sophisticated energy management capabilities and “smart grid” initiatives. Smarter energy grids can support distributed energy generation, smart streetlighting, electric vehicles, and sophisticated energy management applications that can improve energy efficiency.

Smart city initiatives can take advantage of the ubiquitous communication networks required to support smart meters. The sensors that enable smart-city applications such as reactive traffic lights, water management, air quality monitoring, and autonomous transportation can all leverage a network built to carry smart meter data. With expertise in smart grid architecture and systems integration, Util-Assist’s consultants are bringing these applications to life.