The latest generation of advanced metering delivers a wealth of data from the grid edge to unlock a world of opportunities for the utility of the future. From electric vehicle (EV) detection to distributed energy resources (DER) support, to customer load disaggregation, utilities are starting to explore the many innovations that the next generation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) brings to improve operations and the customer experience.

Before embarking on your AMI journey, educate yourself on the possibilities, the benefits and the challenges. Util-Assist is holding a one-hour free virtual webinar through Electricity Canada on November 9 at 1:00 p.m. ET. You’ll hear from Alectra Utilities’ EVP of customer experience, James Douglas, on the utility’s successful next-gen AMI procurement project and from Doug Eagle, lead consultant at Util-Assist, on lessons learned from recent AMI projects across North America.

The webinar is a practical primer to kickstart planning your AMI initiative, from business case through to deployment. Here’s what you’ll learn:

      • How next-gen AMI is changing the utility landscape and preparing utilities for the future
      • Advanced capabilities of next-gen meters
      • What distinguishes next-gen AMI from earlier generations
      • Drivers for next-gen AMI
      • Why utilities are planning their procurements now
      • Critical success factors for next-gen AMI projects
      • Case study on Alectra’s next-gen AMI procurement project: vision, lessons learned, and what’s next for Alectra

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