Foundational Analytics

Professional Services for Utilities

Ready to Do More with Your Data? 

Utilities are inundated with volumes of data every day. But making the leap to data analytics can be daunting.

  • What problems can be solved?
  • What are the high-value use cases?
  • What are my key sources of data?
  • What technology should I choose?
  • How do I get started?

The Opportunity

Utilities that make that leap achieve tangible business results through streamlined operations, an enhanced customer experience, increased revenue, and lower costs.


  • Usage during power suspensions
  • Dubious high and low reads
  • Unbilled revenue


  • Load forecasting
  • Stale meters
  • Voltage anomalies

Customer Service

  • Customer self-serve analytics
  • Dashboard for customer service reps

Building the Foundation

Util-Assist’s approach is to start small. We help you build a firm foundation (crawl) to gain control of your data with proper data governance, data integrity and integration.

Once the foundation is in place, we introduce basic analytics (walk) to start leveraging the power of your data, then advanced analytics (run) with AI and machine learning to discover deeper insights.

Foundational Analytics Hierarchy

The Big Picture

Util-Assist delivers foundational analytics in two phases. The first establishes a foundation of proper data management and a clear vision for analytics across the enterprise. In the second phase, Util-Assist achieves quick wins by delivering high-value use cases in as little as 90 days. Beyond foundational analytics, Util-Assist can help guide your entire analytics journey.

Foundational Analytics Phases

Util-Assist Can Help

Util-Assist brings your data to life. Our expert resources in analytics, data modelling, integration, and visualization have a thorough understanding of utility data to extract maximum value from your data assets.