AI-Powered Energy Analytics

Is your utility capitalizing on the power of AI for predictive operational and customer energy consumption analytics?
Professional Services for Utilities


To complement and enhance our expertise in utility analytics and customer experience solutions, Util-Assist has invested in Grid4C, a worldwide leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions for the energy industry. Util-Assist’s vision is to be a trusted partner in driving digital innovation for utilities, and Grid4C’s innovative solutions are a key element of that vision.

Did you know that 15 to 20 percent of homes have faulty or inefficient home appliances? With Grid4C, you’ll be able to advise your customers, just by analyzing smart meter data. Are you able to predict load at the appliance, transformer or territory level? Grid4C’s algorithms forecast future load growth at any level. 

The solution’s AI-driven predictive insights position your utility to increase customer value, generate new revenue streams, and streamline operations while maximizing profit. Grid4C’s award-winning AI algorithms are now also available at the grid edge, embedded in smart meters, enabling new types of customer choice, communication, and control.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The Challenge

Customers’ expectations of utilities have changed dramatically in the last ten years. Today’s utility customers expect more than just reliable electricity and they are increasingly more proactive, demanding choice and expecting personalized services. Utilities are examining how to re-position themselves and stay relevant in a future.

Challenges include:

    • Satisfying higher customer expectations and improving the customer experience
    • Enabling customers to engage with their own data and understand how their energy use habits affect their bills
    • Identifying faulty/inefficient appliances to prevent appliance breakdown
    • Enabling customers to save on their bills
    • Leveraging customers’ investments in connected home appliances and devices

The Solution: Predictive Home Advisor

Grid4C’s Predictive Home Advisor solution empowers consumers with insights and tools to make informed decisions about their energy usage and products. Timely insights help customers prevent future problems and save money, maximizing the value for both customers and electricity providers.

ML for Smart Homes

Disaggregate load by appliance

Predictive Analytics

Detect, diagnose and predict appliance anomalies

Forecast Energy Usage

Forecast usage and costs

AI Chatbots for Utilities

Communicate via chatbots and voice integration

Smart Thermostat Monitoring

Optimize smart thermostats

Time of Use Energy Savings

Deliver insights based on time of use


Improved Customer Communication

Deliver usage insights to mobile devices

Driving Operational Excellence

The Challenge

While efficiency and cost reductions have always been top concerns, utilities today are facing a host of new challenges related to new energy sources, new competitors, and new volumes of data.

Some of the challenges which utilities face include:

    • Leveraging the value of smart grid investments
    • Balancing supply and demand and shifting peak demand
    • Meeting government conservation and efficiency targets
    • Maximizing demand response and optimizing distributed energy resources
    • Optimizing grid assets
    • Reducing costs:
      • Cost to serve
      • Operational costs
      • Call centre costs

The Solution: Predictive Operational Analytics

The Predictive Operational Analytics solution uses advanced machine learning capabilities to enable utilities to optimize profits, forecast for future load growth and predict failures of grid assets. Utilities can make informed forecasts on grid load during peak and overnight hours by extracting data from smart devices to identify EV loads within customer consumption profiles.

Interested in exploring how AI-powered analytics can empower your utility to be better prepared for fluctuations in customer demand? We would be happy to demonstrate how Grid4C’s advanced technology delivers outstanding results, and enables utilities to:


Utilities Load Forecasting

Research and forecast loads


Demand Response Forecasting for utilities

Simulate and forecast demand response


Forecast and optimize distributed energy resources

Forecast and optimize distributed energy resources


Solar Power Forecasting

Forecast solar power usage


Electric Vehicle Analytics

Identify new EVs to predict grid load

Pushing AMI Intelligence to the Edge

Grid4C’s award-winning AI algorithms are now available at the grid edge, embedded in smart meters. This includes predictive load disaggregation, DER load forecasting and optimization, home appliance fault prediction,  grid asset diagnostics, and more. With real-time (often sub-second) data streams being captured on the device itself, the next generation of innovation is a reality, enabling new types of customer choice, communication, and control.