Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Utilities

Consider this: A single manual task takes a human knowledge worker in a water utility an average of five to six minutes to complete a task. He or she may repeat that same task over fifty times a day, or hundreds of times a week.

A purpose-built robotic process automation (RPA) bot can complete the same task in just a minute to ninety seconds. The bot doesn’t make mistakes, it doesn’t need breaks, and it never sleeps. It may not need any human supervision or intervention at all if designed, developed, tested and implemented effectively.

The employee can be devoted to more strategic, high-value work which requires the kind of creativity, emotional intelligence, and non-linear thinking, which bots are incapable.

Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is software that automates repetitive, high-volume tasks based on rules. The software is programmed to mimic human actions in a logical workflow across multiple applications and systems. Actions can include capturing and consolidating information, validating data, manipulating data, processing transactions, and triggering responses.

How Can Utilities Benefit?

Many digital transformation initiatives can succeed by shifting the responsibility for high volume, low complexity tasks to digital bots.

The digitalization of high volume, low complexity business processes helps organizations like electricity, water, and gas utilities to:

Enhance business efficiency

Increase profitability, productivity, and minimize errors by building and training bots on defined rulesets.

Delegate transactional processes to digital bots

RPA bots free up employees from menial, repetitive tasks so they can attend to strategic, high value priorities. Automation ensures consistent, continuous process delivery, 24/7/365.

Empower employees to do creative and challenging work

Minimize the impact of fatigue and human error on data quality and information integrity. Assign employees work that keeps them engaged and motivated.

Why Choose Util-Assist?

Utilities Experience and Digital Transformation Expertise

Util-Assist has a wealth of experience enabling local distributors of gas, water, and electricity to leverage innovative technology solutions to increase efficiency and to empower knowledge workers to focus on strategic projects.

RPA is typical of the transformative technology domains that Util-Assist leverages to enable your utility to harness the power of digital services.

Ability to Identify RPA Opportunities Across the Meter-to-Cash Journey

Many of the RPA implementations in the utilities sector have focused on back office systems and data. Util-Assist sees valuable opportunities to automate tasks in contact centres, field operations, and smart grid operations.

Unifying Proven RPA Platforms

Util-Assist has partnered with recognized leaders in RPA design, development, and orchestration. Our platform partners understand the regulatory requirements utilities must meet and the challenges of managing vast amounts of transactional data.

How Util-Assist Can Help: Guiding You Through Your Digital Transformation

Util-Assist RPA consultants can collaborate with you across the entire project lifecycle, including:

  • Identifying tasks and pain points that are best suited to automation
  • Gathering requirements and success metrics
  • Defining business and technical rules
  • Designing and developing bots to take on a wide spectrum of tasks
  • Testing automations against a sample of your production data
  • Aligning your human and virtual bots to work as a cohesive “team”
  • Analyzing how automations measure up to establish goals

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