The managed services solution that simplifies AMI operations.

When utilities deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), data flows across meter-to-cash systems and needs to be accurate and kept in “sync.” When there’s an issue, an “exception” is generated which needs to be resolved so that the customer can be billed on time. Each day there are synchronization exceptions, data collection exceptions, stale meters, tampers, invalid time flags, usage spikes, swapped meters, and more. And if there are delays, the exceptions can quickly pile up and affect revenue.

SyncAssist is the managed services solution that simplifies AMI operations. Our operators ensure meter-to-cash operations continue without interruption so that bill-ready data is delivered accurately and on time. Util-Assist has been delivering this service for more than a dozen years, and our experts offer deep knowledge of data flows and processes to optimize your utility operations.

SyncAssist Services

  • Monitor daily synchronization between the CIS, the AMI head-end, and the MDM
  • Ensure that the AMI network meets contracted SLAs
  • Troubleshoot data anomalies and identify and track trends
  • Monitor and investigate data collection issues, such as stale meters
  • Generate service orders
  • Promptly analyze and resolve validation and estimation exceptions
  • Increase productivity through business intelligence rules configuration and automation
  • Resolve issues in a timely manner through liaison with third parties
  • Optimize business processes and recommend strategies to proactively address data problems
  • Execute remote disconnect and reconnect functions

SyncAssist Benefits

Improve AMI performance

Reduce truck rolls

Resolve issues faster

Improve the customer experience

Improve visibility and reporting

Free up your staff

Turnkey Meter Data Operating Centre

With our turnkey services, we can establish a meter data operating centre to manage the integrity and operational health of your end-to-end solution, ensuring a smooth transition through AMI implementation and beyond.

SyncAssist for Sync Success

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