Submetering Services

Util-Assist supports submetering companies with an array of services designed to complement your organization. Util-Assist’s submetering services can augment your capabilities either with selected components or a full turnkey submetering solution.


Util-Assist’s scalable solution has supported submetering companies across North America since 2013.


The transition to Util-Assist couldn’t be easier. Our teams are experts in converting data from legacy customer information systems. Our training methodology ensures that our team members are fully versed in your systems and processes.


Our billing, collections, and customer service staff are fully trained to ensure your clients receive a high level of service which enriches their client relationship with your firm.


We deliver submetering services for all commodities, including electricity, gas, water, wastewater, and thermal. We can support diverse portfolios including new-build or retrofit residential, commercial, and rental projects.


Our reliable billing platform is used by over 200 utilities across North America and the Caribbean, and our hosting environment is highly secure to safeguard customer data.

Our Services

Billing and Collections

Util-Assist generates bills using a robust, highly stable billing platform. Proven methodologies ensure that individual customer billings are accurate and compliant with regulatory standards.

Business Process Design

Our consultants advise utility submetering companies on re-engineering their end-to-end business workflows and processes to create efficiencies and boost profitability.

Data Management

Util-Assist experts provide data collection, file processing, billing and meter data exception management, daily and monthly service level reporting and testing. This ensures that your customers are billed on the most accurate and up-to-date consumption data available.

Customer Service

We offer a full contact centre service to support billing and collections. Util-Assist CSRs are co-located at a single site with full power redundancy and hardened systems for high availability and security. The team is cross trained on all customer systems, processes and FAQs.

Payment Processing

Our secure web portal processes a wide variety of customer payment methods, including credit card, online banking, lockbox, or phone payments.