Util-Assist is pleased to announce the launch of a SecureAssist pilot for 24×7 physical security monitoring of Alectra power substations. To deliver this new service, Util-Assist’s experienced PowerAssist team has added substation monitoring to its outage monitoring responsibilities.

SecureAssist helps utilities prevent theft and vandalism, extend the life of valuable assets, and reduce safety risks. Alectra is Canada’s largest municipally owned utility. Safeguarding Alectra’s power distribution and conversion sites is an ideal way to prove the many benefits of this service.

SecureAssist Services

SecureAssist services include:

  • Monitoring of substation surveillance cameras and motion and heat sensor activity.
  • Intrusion detection, diagnosis, and investigation. Agents determine whether alerts are triggered by a human intruder.
  • Intrusion deterrence through loudspeaker announcements and other proven tools.
  • Dispatch of service personnel and/or first responders.
  • End-to-end incident reporting.

 Proven Technology

The equipment and software for the Alectra pilot is being provided by Util-Assist’s strategic partner, Systems With Intelligence (SWI). SWI is an Ontario-based global provider of intelligent monitoring solutions with a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. We share clients in the utility space and common goals. SWI manufactures state-of-the-art security hardware and software that safeguard power grid assets around the world.

Safety, Security and Peace of Mind

Electricity substations are essential to the transmission and distribution of power from utilities like Alectra to homes and businesses in their service areas. The advanced high-voltage equipment and valuable copper wiring that exists within these facilities are frequent targets for thieves.

This physical security monitoring and threat mitigation solution offers utilities more than security breach mitigation. It reduces the number of truck rolls and nuisance “false positive” alerts. The agent is empowered to try to deter the intruder with a live warning, to alert utility security management, or to contact local authorities.

Learn More

Is your utility is looking to mitigate substation security breaches, vandalism, and theft? Want to increase your grid safety, reduce asset damage and prevent outages caused by intruders?

Utilities already contracted for PowerAssist outage monitoring services will appreciate the level of service our team provides. SecureAssist addresses all of your monitoring needs and will integrate with your existing monitoring equipment or with new technologies.

Check out the SecureAssist web page or contact us for more details.