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The substation is the cornerstone of your distribution network. Substation break-ins have become a growing concern for utilities as sky-high copper prices continue to fuel thefts—causing power outages, triggering costly repairs and risking serious injuries. Traditional security cameras are a great start to protecting your facilities, but an unmonitored camera can only record an incident, not prevent it.

The unique challenges of safeguarding remotely operated substations and other mission-critical utility infrastructure from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access demand a more proactive approach. SecureAssist is a multi-layered security solution specifically designed for utilities to protect your most valuable physical assets.


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Deter, Detect, Defend

With its defense-in-depth design, SecureAssist delivers multiple protective layers to keep your facility secure.  Like an impregnable castle with a moat, towers, and a drawbridge, if one layer of security fails, another line of defense is in place to prevent an intrusion.


We work with you to make site security features, such as signage, lighting, and cameras, evident to would-be intruders before they jeopardize your facility.


AI algorithms and video analytics monitor all camera feeds 24/7 and alert a live agent the moment suspicious activity is detected.


If the intruder elects to proceed, our agents can initiate site defensive actions, such as talk-downs, and ultimately dispatch the authorities.

Leading Edge Technology

SecureAssist combines best-in-class technology in a single solution, all at a cost-effective price.

    • AI algorithms accurately distinguish between objects, such as a person, an animal, and a vehicle, and eliminate false alerts by instantly confirming events you can ignore, like fallen branches or inclement weather.
    • Our monitoring equipment, including cameras, video recorders, servers, networking equipment, and storage devices, are designed to perform reliably in harsh substation environments.
    • Our thermal security cameras detect objects at all light levels.
    • Our security command center integrates operations to process security events faster and more consistently.

Combined with SWI’s substation grade visual monitoring solutions, SecureAssist provides a complete, real-time view of substation activity, ensuring safety and security for site and staff.

Already have a system or cameras in place? SecureAssist will easily integrate with your existing or preferred monitoring equipment.

Turnkey Services

Leave the worries, complexities, and ongoing hassles of security management to us. With our turnkey services, we’ll handle every aspect of solution deployment, from system design through daily monitoring.

    • Site security review and analysis
    • Engineering and design by experienced security professionals
    • Installation and setup
    • Process development
    • 24/7 active monitoring by highly trained agents with advanced distribution and utility knowledge
    • Prompt dispatching and incident reporting
Turnkey Solutions

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