Entrust Util-Assist with monitoring your power substations while your team stays focused on its core responsiblities

With PowerAssist agents working 24 x 7, Util-Assist now offers around-the-clock video monitoring services for substations and equipment facilities.  SecureAssist helps utilities prevent theft and vandalism, extend the life of valuable assets, and reduce safety risks.


Substation Security Constraints

Theft and vandalism of substations are becoming increasingly common problems. But many operations departments don’t have the resources to monitor substations while attending to their core business of keeping the lights on. Whether physical security breaches are caused by vandals, thieves, or wildlife, all can be equally disruptive to utilities with limited resources.

Not monitoring physical security equipment can lead to:

    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Safety issues
    • Outages
    • Investigation time and expenses
    • Repair work and truck rolls


Physical Security Solution

SecureAssist provides resource-strapped utilities with an experienced, trustworthy partner to monitor security while the operations department stays focused on the day-to-day management of the grid. SecureAssist is more than a monitoring service—Util-Assist agents receive advanced distribution and utility system training, and with an understanding of the grid, agents assess threats and filter alarms, reducing false positives that need to be investigated.

Util-Assist recently partnered with Systems with Intelligence, (SWI) a global provider of intelligent monitoring solutions for electric utilities. In addition, Util-Assist agents monitor video surveillance technology from a broad range of security equipment vendors and will integrate with your existing monitoring equipment or with new technologies.

Our agents are standing by, 24 x 7, prepared to detect any intrusion into your substation properties.

Our services include:

    • Assessing whether an intrusion merits decisive action. Sometimes a sensor or camera can be triggered by an animal or a bird.
    • Notifying the intruder via the onsite PA system with a scripted message that the intruder’s presence has been detected.
    • Alerting designated utility personnel, and/or local police to the security breach.
    • Dispatching service personnel.
    • Completing an end-to-end incident report to track activities from detection to resolution.


Why Your Utility Should Prioritize Power Substation Security Monitoring Now


The cost of protecting utility substations and assets is negligible compared to the potential costs of the damages vandals or thieves could do.

The financial costs of repairing or replacing substation assets are significant. Yet, these expenses may pale in comparison to the indirect costs which are incurred, including:

    • The damage to your brand’s reputation
    • Repeat intrusion events at that substation, or at other substations on your grid when vulnerabilities are discovered
    • Serious injury or tragic loss of human life which often occurs when desperate thieves prioritize financial opportunity over safety.

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