Util-Assist and Systems With Intelligence (SWI), a global provider of visual monitoring solutions for electric utility applications, have entered into a strategic partnership to provide a complete security monitoring and response solution for electric power utilities.

SecureAssist, offered by Util-Assist, is a security monitoring service purpose-built for the utility industry. Using leading-edge machine vision and AI technology, SecureAssist monitors utility substation camera feeds for certain types of activity. When a suspicious event is detected, industry-trained agents are alerted to provide a real-time response. Combined with SWI’s substation grade visual monitoring solutions, SecureAssist provides a complete, real-time view of substation activity, ensuring safety and security for site and staff.

“Every substation intrusion results in some type of damage, with repair costs ranging from several hundred to several hundred thousand dollars,” said Mark Henderson, President of Util-Assist. “SecureAssist is a proactive security solution, specifically designed for utilities to protect mission-critical infrastructure. Coupled with SWI’s leading edge technology, the SecureAssist real-time monitoring, deterrence, and response system delivers multiple protective layers to keep our utility customer’s infrastructure secure.”

Since its beginning, SWI has been supplying remote monitoring solutions that automatically detect intrusions and equipment anomalies. Currently installed in over 100 utilities worldwide, SWI’s substation grade monitoring system enhances SecureAssist’s multi-layer security design to detect, deter, and defend from threats and suspicious activity through a turnkey solution. SecureAssist is staffed 24/7 with specially trained and skilled agents who understand utility systems, processes, and equipment, and can effectively triage and respond to site-initiated intrusion alarms.

“Util-Assist has extensive utility security experience and has developed procedures to handle any situation, from talking down intruders or escalating to the local authorities,” said Angelo Rizzo, President and CEO of Systems With Intelligence. “Together, we provide the utility with a complete monitoring and security package.”

For more information regarding this partnership, please see full details here.

About Systems With Intelligence

Systems With Intelligence Inc. is a global provider of TouchlessTM monitoring solutions for electric utility applications. SWI systems collect and analyze the data that allows utilities to increase safety and reliability while reducing operating costs. Coupling thermal monitoring and visual imaging technology with advanced analytic algorithms, Systems With Intelligence solutions automate remote site monitoring. Systems With Intelligence products are engineered to operate in the harshest environments, withstand high levels of electromagnetic interference, static discharge and voltage surges found in industrial applications to ensure uninterrupted operation, providing a monitoring system that operates reliably and connects seamlessly allows customers to remain focused on their operations.

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