When a severe windstorm hammered Southern Ontario on May 21, 2022, thousands of Ontarians, from Windsor to Ottawa, were left without power, many for days. The widespread line of thunderstorms was deemed to be a rare “derecho” which can cause as much damage as a hurricane or a tornado.

Util-Assist’s outage communications management contact centre, PowerAssist, experienced the highest volume of calls in company history – over 29,000 calls over a three-day period! Utilities can be overwhelmed in the first few hours of a severe weather event, before they have had the opportunity to identify affected locations and conduct damage assessment. PowerAssist lets our utility clients focus on restoring power while we take care of getting customers immediate answers and delivering personalized service. Our team put in extra effort over a long weekend, working with a high degree of professionalism and perseverance to support our utility clients and their customers with up-to-date information and a friendly voice on the phone.

To thank our agents, Util-Assist has created this short video to describe their accomplishment and what it means to us.