During a large-scale outage, can your call centre keep up? Can you maintain operational efficiency?

Customers today expect superior customer service and immediate information no matter what the industry. Although most utilities use technology to keep their customers informed during an outage, many customers still want the option to speak with a live agent, especially during an emergency situation.

During a widespread outage, utilities experience a significant spike in calls, sometimes completely overwhelming operations and customer service. The operations department becomes distracted from the core activity of restoring power. At the same time, customers become frustrated when unable to reach a live person on the phone.

PowerAssist is more than a call centre.


Is a holistic communications solution for outage management

Enables utility customers to speak to a live agent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Provides the ability to scale during widespread outages

Is staffed with skilled agents who leverage utility systems to troubleshoot and report outages

Frees operations staff from answering the phone to focus on getting the power restored

Keeps customers fully informed through social media updates

Is based on an affordable shared services model

This innovative solution enables utilities to deliver exceptional customer service no matter the size of the outage.

How PowerAssist improves your customer service:

Live call centre agents

PowerAssist gives utility customers the option to speak to a live agent.

Scalable solution for peak periods

PowerAssist enables utilities to scale to handle peak call volumes during widespread outages so that customers can always get through.

24 x 7 communications

PowerAssist serves your customers at any time of the day or night.

Current, accurate outage information

PowerAssist provides customers with current, accurate information including outage causes, outage areas, and estimated restoration times

Social media management for outages

PowerAssist keeps customers fully informed on outages and ETAs through social media, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communication is via the customer’s channel of choice.

Direct phone lines for key accounts

PowerAssist provides key accounts with a direct phone number, and key accounts always jump the queue.

Exceeded service levels

PowerAssist enables your utility to not only meet, but exceed service levels to customers.

How PowerAssist delivers operational efficiencies

PowerAssist streamlines your operations:

Focus on getting the power restored

PowerAssist frees operations staff from answering the phone to focus on getting the power restored.

Prioritize field work

By triaging and prioritizing incoming calls, PowerAssist enables utilities to dispatch crews to the high priority locations first.

Be prepared for emergencies

PowerAssist’s scalable solution for peak periods ensures emergency preparedness.

How PowerAssist delivers a cost-effective solution

A shared resource model enables PowerAssist to be cost-effective. Your utility will pay the equivalent of a few hours of day (based on expected normal call volume) for 24 x 7 service and the ability to scale during outages. The PowerAssist agents are shared across utilities, and to provide scalability, more agents can be added at a moment’s notice.

How PowerAssist works

The PowerAssist agent applies advanced distribution system knowledge to:


Ping meters via the AMI to confirm power status prior to creating tickets


Verify whether there are existing service orders in the CIS


Submit tickets for the control room via the utility’s OMS


Update customers via social media

“With 24 x 7 support and continuous engagement between our staff and PowerAssist agents, we’ve improved our processes as well as the customer experience.”

Kristine Carmichael

Director of Corporate and Customer Services, FortisOntario Inc.

“PowerAssist has allowed our operators to better focus on the contingency at hand while assuring our customer inquiries are handled in friendly and informative manner around the clock, even during peak periods and significant outages.”

Frank Risi

Alectra Utilities (formerly HydroOne Brampton)

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