Following our commitment to remain at the forefront of utility technologies, Util-Assist is pleased to announce the selection of Camect and SureView as the underlying technology providers for SecureAssist, our utility infrastructure surveillance solution developed by utility professionals and purpose-built for the utility industry. With a steadfast focus on utility security applications, Util-Assist conducted an exhaustive market review to identify and evaluate the best-fit technologies to complement SecureAssist. Camect and SureView were chosen due to their abilities to heighten real-time incident detection and response, optimize utility site security, and improve utility security operational efficiencies.

“Many utilities have invested in CCTV systems over the years, but simply recording an incident doesn’t prevent it. SecureAssist was built specifically to protect critical utility infrastructure through best-in-class detection and proactive response management,” said John McClean, Director of Business Development and Sales for Util-Assist. “Camect’s powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SureView’s leading security platform ensure that SecureAssist agents have the best tools and technologies available to validate suspicious activity in real-time and then execute real-time response, including dispatching of local law enforcement, to keep utility assets safe and secure.”

Camect’s AI enhances SecureAssist’s object identification features by only raising alerts for applicable intrusion events – completely eliminating false alerts caused by animals, insects, people, vehicles, foliage, weather, etc. Camect’s award-winning technology platform boasts a false alert rate under 1% while offering accurate and reliable detection over long distances and in low light and harsh weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance for remote utility substation monitoring. Video data is stored and analyzed locally, heightening overall data security while enabling utilities to maintain full control of video data.

SureView’s Physical Security Information Management Platform (PSIM) simplifies SecureAssist’s user interface by coordinating all alarms and security events into a single user interface. Each utility’s unique security policies and procedures are enforced through customizable action plans, ensuring that every security event is handled in a consistent way and driving overall Security Operations Center (SOC) efficiency and productivity.

With SecureAssist, utility substation physical security events are both processed and responded to in real-time, improving security outcomes by decreasing incident response time. SureView’s heightened efficiencies in response management coupled with SecureAssist’s direct liaison with local law enforcement offer unparalleled real-time defense for critical utility infrastructure. Through SureView’s centralized reporting and analysis, utilities can visualize data, identify trends, and implement additional security actions through data-driven decisions.

Leveraging Camect’s AI capabilities to heighten intrusion detection while harnessing SureView’s advanced platform to streamline response, SecureAssist provides a complete, real-time view of unattended, remotely operated critical utility infrastructure while drastically reducing incident response times and elevating overall security outcomes. Catering exclusively to the utility industry, SecureAssist focuses solely on the unique challenges of safeguarding remotely operated substations and other critical utility infrastructure, ensuring safety and security for site and staff.