​Debi Yakemchuk

As Vice President, Professional Services, Debi provides executive leadership to Util-Assist’s PMO, client delivery quality assurance, and overall strategic and long-range goal planning functions. 

Debi has oversight over Util-Assist’s business performance and process improvement. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, she ensures we have the right resources in place to support our long-term growth plans and profitability goals by leading our business units to cost out workforce requirements, maximize resource utilization, and analyze overall workforce capacity to balance current capabilities with future demands. She executes strategies to mitigate long-term financial risks relative to short-term operational requirements.

Debi provides leadership for Util-Assist’s client delivery workforce allocation, presales planning, bid management, commercial operations, and select process improvement initiatives. She continually applies her 20 years of management experience, 10 of which entailed leading complex, large-scale smart meter deployments.

Working cross-functionally with all Util-Assist departments, Debi is a valued and trusted resource for our consulting, business development, and project management teams.

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