James Preslie

As Director, Consulting, James is an immensely talented SAP IS-U consultant and AMI specialist with almost two and a half decades of IT implementation experience, including over 15 years in the utility sector. He has a progressive career history as a Developer, Integration Lead, Solution Architect, and Senior SAP IS-U Consultant on multiple AMI/smart meter deployment projects, and has designed, prototyped, and implemented SAP AMI solutions to support up to two million smart meters. 

James possesses a highly detailed understanding of the functional configuration, enhancements, technical integration, and business processes offered by the SAP IS-U AMI solution. In his current role, James provides AMI subject matter expertise for both SAP and non-SAP AMI projects, leads workshops to gather business requirements and develop new AMI business processes, and designs interfaces, enhancements, reports, and business processes related to deployment, data synchronization, on-demand requests, and remote reading of electric, gas, and water smart meters.

James holds a bachelor’s degree in economics as well as a bachelor’s degree (honors) in computer science from Queen’s University.

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