John McClean

John is Director, Business Development and Sales with a focus on growing  PowerAssist, SecureAssist and other Util-Assist managed services across North America.

John is the former Vice-President of Centralized Operations Services for Alectra Utilities with 35 years of experience in electric utility operations, generation, transmission, and distribution. John focused on leveraging technology, scale and process improvements to advance utility operations in areas that included system control, protection and control, station sustainment, network metering, and emergency preparedness. During his time at Alectra, John collaborated with Util-Assist on several innovative initiatives, including  PowerAssist and SecureAssist.

John sat on numerous provincial and federal committees including the IESO-led Emergency Preparedness Task Force, the CEA Service Continuity Committee, and the CEA Security Infrastructure and Protection Committee and was the Chair of the IESO-Smart Metering Entity MDM/R Steering Committee. John is a graduate of Bismarck State College (Bachelor of Applied Science – Energy Management).

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