Tammy Schmidt

As Vice President, Consulting, Tammy brings almost three decades of experience to ensure Util-Assist meets financial metrics, delivery goals, and organizational targets while building and motivating the strong team necessary to scale and grow Util-Assist’s professional and managed service divisions. 

Since 2006, Tammy has been instrumental in establishing Util-Assist’s project standards and best practices. With a specialized focus on advanced metering projects, she has managed utility procurement processes covering a vast range of systems and services, including AMI systems and operations, MDM, GIS, WFM, meter installation, sub-metering, system integration, ADMS, AMI network security audits, data conversion, ESB, project management, SOW development, contract development, deployment, testing, and more. She has supported countless utilities through smart grid technology implementations, and with her strong communication skills and approachable nature, she is a key liaison between internal and external stakeholders. 

Tammy studied at Florida International University, earning a bachelor of science degree.

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