ProcurementProcuring a Best Fit Solution

Procuring smart grid solutions can be daunting given the explosion in use cases and capabilities. With a vast array of options for technology and deployment, utilities often lack the in-house expertise needed to determine which options are the best fit for their particular geography, operating environment, and customer mix.

With a deep knowledge of all the major vendors and their solutions, and having assisted over 80 utilities with the selection and integration of smart grid solutions, Util-Assist provides the leadership and support to procure best-of-breed solutions to turn your vision into reality.

We have developed a solid procurement methodology that ensures business and technical requirements are clearly and thoroughly reflected in the procurement documentation, and that the selection process is efficient and fair. Our experienced team will transform your requirements into comprehensive RFP documents that elicit high-quality responses from potential vendors and guide you through every aspect of the procurement lifecycle, including:

  • Educating your staff on the value proposition to ensure stakeholder buy-in
  • Identifying appropriate potential service providers and suppliers
  • Gathering and defining business and technical requirements, ensuring your solution is “future-proof”
  • Drafting, refining, and distributing requests for proposals or information
  • Managing the proposal process, including responding to vendor questions and scheduling shortlist presentations
  • Evaluating proposals based on solution capabilities, functionality, and pricing
  • Supporting contract award and vendor negotiations, ensuring that contracts have the utility’s best interests in mind