Conservation, Demand Management and Home-Area Network (HAN) Solutions

As utilities struggle to manage peak energy demands, conservation and demand management are key components in delivering value from a smart grid deployment.

Util-Assist offers years of experience in assisting utilities with interpreting, planning, and implementing various government energy efficiency directives. Moreover, we are retained by many utilities to facilitate these conservation programs, from marketing to handling customer registrations to providing maintenance and support of HAN (Home-Area Network) devices. We have in-house program management, technical, and administrative staff to guide and support you through any conservation-related initiatives.

As HAN solutions become more prevalent, empowering customers to manage their own energy usage through demand-side management, you can depend on Util-Assist to help you implement a successful HAN program. Leveraging our AMI expertise, we are now able to fully support two-way HAN devices using metering and ZigBee® protocols. This includes IHDs (In-Home Displays) and load control devices, such as switches and thermostats. We have assisted over 20 utilities with their demand response initiatives, and installed thousands of devices in customers’ homes. With our strong relationships with the major HAN and load control vendors, we can keep you advised on industry and conservation trends as well as impart “lessons learned” from other utilities.