RFP Development and Procurement

Util-Assist transforms business and technical requirements into comprehensive RFP documents that elicit high-quality responses from potential vendors.

Over the years Util-Assist has developed a solid procurement process that ensures clients’ needs are clearly represented and that the selection process is efficient and fair.
As Util-Assist is continually monitoring the industry for emerging trends and products, we are in a prime position to help you evaluate the different technologies. We have deep knowledge to ensure your needs are met with the best solutions and tools to evaluate RFP responses and reach a consensus. And, with our established relationships with key technology providers, we also facilitate contract negotiations and ensure best pricing.

Having assisted over 70 utilities with the selection and integration of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) networks that represent millions of smart meters, Util-Assist is well-positioned to provide leadership in leveraging technology to turn your vision into reality.