Business Case Development and Feasibility Studies

Util-Assist builds compelling business cases for presentation to utility stakeholders.

For utilities and municipalities considering moving to new technology, Util-Assist helps unlock the full potential, ensuring a clear return on investment. The implementation of a new solution could enable the utility to transform its business by capturing strategic information, leading to improved decision-making and optimized operations. In feasiblility studies, Util-Assist develops a comprehensive analysis and financial model for each option and assesses the feasibility of each based on both short term and long term costs, benefits, and risks in addition to budget, resources, and capacity.

Util-Assist has extensive experience developing AMI business cases and budgets from the ground up, incorporating complex data including multi-year capital and operating expenditures, benefits, revenues and utility financials. Through a comprehensive technical and financial analysis, we will develop an effective business case that justifies the benefits, alerts you to any risks, and forecasts potential gains.