System Implementation & Integration

Util-Assist understands that new solutions must complement your business processes and integrate seamlessly with existing systems to function as a coordinated whole.

We work to understand your goals and minimize disruption to your business operations. Through sound methodologies and best practices, we have successfully managed the implementation and integration of AMI, WAN, WFM, MDM, OMS, GIS, ADMS, and CIS and financial systems, across varying terrains and configurations.

In terms of CIS conversions, Util-Assist offers the experience to ensure a seamless transition to the new platform. With senior CIS specialists to guide the data migration process, Util-Assist has completed dozens of successful conversions and upgrades. This experience and expertise allows us to get our customers up and running in a timely fashion.

For many projects, the integration of systems can be the most difficult and most expensive components. As systems are coupled, risk is introduced that future changes will impede the ability for systems to communicate and that more cost will be required to enable the systems to continue to communicate the data. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology is a solution that Util-Assist often suggests to mitigate the risk that is associated with this integration work. An ESB acts as the broker of information, publishing data to the bus so that authorized systems can subscribe to it.

In sum, with Util-Assist’s breadth of knowledge and strong vendor relationships and partnerships, we can efficiently integrate any solution and scale it at an accelerated pace.