Strategic Planning

As the marketplace becomes inundated with new technologies, utilities today are looking for new approaches to save costs, conserve energy, and fulfill customer needs. Util-Assist can help you prioritize business opportunities and formulate strategic plans to pursue these goals and achieve your company’s vision.

Util-Assist’s expertise is regularly sought in utility strategic planning and enterprise solutions. Util-Assist provides strategic planning services to help utilities navigate new landscapes and develop plans for future state initiatives. In moving to smart grid,  Util-Assist helps our utility clients position themselves as utility leaders in customer experience, operational efficiencies and best practices.

Util-Assist’s strategies unlock the value of Smart Grid investments:

  • Deployment of outage and restoration functionality, including developing “OMS Lite:” a low cost solution that employs systems already in place to streamline restoration processes
  • Transformer loading reporting which improves asset management by locating potential transformer failures, both overloaded and underloaded, and identifies theft and losses
  • Green energy programs and Home Area Network (HAN) strategies to augment conservation efforts
  • Distribution automation
  • Privacy, security and meter safety
  • Meter-to-cash evaluations to support the impact of smart metering, optimize processes and systems, and identify new capabilities, resulting in a modernized infrastructure with standardized processes that drive efficiency and improve key performance metrics
  • Enterprise information management (EIM) studies:
    • Data exchange strategies to improve data management
    • Systems integration studies to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies
    • AMI resource planning
  • Strategies to benefit from the explosion of data available from smart meters:
    • Data analysis for rate design
    • Operational analytics studies, including load trends and forecasts, asset health, operational effectiveness, etc.
    • Customer analytics studies of consumption patterns, demand profiles, and demand response behavior
    • Network analytics studies to monitor systems, applications, and devices